About MindHeal

MindHeal is an amazingly simple yet powerful journey into healing.

Adapting classic homeopathy to modern times, we make that life-changing connection between mind and body and take on cases that challenge modern medicine – with incredible results.

Our approach uses genetic, biochemical and personality markers to alter an individual's genetic and constitutional make-up. MindHeal is thus a holistic system that treats the 'Man in the Disease', rather than the other way around.

MindHeal doesn’t offer a miracle cure but we come pretty close!

How else can you explain this?

  • A 6-year-old autistic boy begins to communicate in 2 months
  • A 70% coronary blockage disappears in 4 months
  • A 15-cm polycystic ovarian tumour disappears in 12 months
  • Symptoms of schizophrenia begin to clear up in 3 months

At MindHeal, we view each individual in their entirety, each in their own individual context. Everyone is born into this world with a specific genetic make-up – your constitution. Apart from many other things, this genetic or constitutional make-up determines your basic temperament. As you grow and evolve and your constitution interfaces with your life experiences, your personality evolves in a very unique and special way.

Now let’s go one step further. Your temperament or personality – your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, values and attitudes – is nothing but a set of biochemical changes in your brain and body. So, are we reducing a complex human being to a handful of chemicals, neurotransmitters, peptides and nerve impulses? Actually, yes.

Look at it this way. What you ‘experience’ every living moment translates into a very specific set of biological and bio-physiological changes on the cellular or organic level and it involves very specific pathways in your brain and nervous system.

In other words, your constitutional make-up or your personality is the way your brain and body interpret and experience what your mind thinks and feels. And it determines the way you react to everything around you.

Take one step backwards, and your temperament or your personality hinges on the constitutional or genetic make-up you were born with.

Go one step forward – and this is the crux of MindHeal Homeopathy – if you alter your constitutional make-up, you can modify your basic personality traits.

Now, your biochemical template comes with both strengths and weaknesses and is never perfectly balanced. No harm done. Have you ever really met a perfectly balanced human being? Well, with every passing moment, you – a miracle of life – evolve further. But you are unique – a unique personality, which when traced backwards, is determined by your genes.

We’ve all come across individuals who are chronically anxious or withdrawn and oversensitive, angry all the time or depressive and pessimistic, haven’t we?

Thanks to different personality traits, the world is a colourful place! But when you think about it, we’re all different from each other because we were all born with a unique mix of biochemistry gifted to us by our genes. Are you getting my drift?

Now let’s talk about disease. Disease is a state of constitutional imbalance. This manifests in both physical (as in an organ or system) and temperamental (as in emotional and psychological) ways.

Homeopathic philosophy believes that if the individual’s constitution is returned to a state of balance, the symptoms of disease will resolve spontaneously.

MindHeal is a system of homeopathy which also believes that by simultaneously restoring an individual’s temperament to a balanced state, his / her mind will activate the body’s own natural healing processes.

That’s because homeopathy diagnoses a broad and unique picture of imbalance specific to each individual. And while getting the mind and body to act in unison, we address the human individual as a whole. There's no counselling involved; only pure homeopathic remedies. And it works every time.

Believe me, I have witnessed profound physical and psychological changes in patients after treatment starts – we have been able to reverse paralysis, cure diabetes bring children with autism up to speed, clear severe blockages in the coronary arteries, reverse auto-immune diseases and cure psychiatric disorders. Why, sometimes patients report that symptoms they had not brought up in the clinical setting had ‘spontaneously’ cleared up!

Some of my patients call it a miracle. I simply call it unlocking the power of healing.

A Doctor Without Borders

MindHeal Homeopathy Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008-certified multi-speciality homeopathic clinic based in Mumbai. Founded by veteran homeopath Dr Anita Salunkhe 21 years ago, MindHeal treats all types of ailments, from the common cold to rare and ‘incurable’ diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS. We have successfully cured more than 2.5 lakh individuals and still treat more than 25,000 patients annually.

MindHeal is an international consultancy and consults with patients from various countries including the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Russia, Israel, among others.

MindHeal Homeopathy is based in Chembur, Mumbai. To find out more about MindHeal, call: 022-25230530 /
+91-9930363981. Or write to emindheal@mindheal.org. Website: www.mindheal.org. We’ll be happy to answer all your queries.

Join me on a journey of healing as I demonstrate how this magical system of medicine can transform lives, maybe yours too. By digging deep into my case files, I will show you how homeopathy relates to the human condition, delivers patients from physical and emotional pain, and helps them become the best version of themselves. Here's where it all began for me.

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