Point To Ponder: Why is a system of medicine that views the human being as it was originally conceived called ‘alternative’? Are we being brainwashed?

What Is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy offers constitutional remedies to balance every system and organ in the body. It therefore addresses imbalances, deficiencies and weaknesses and brings the body back to its optimal level of functioning. The word ‘homeopathy’ is derived from the Greek words ‘homeos’ meaning ’similar’ and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘suffering’. While strengthening the immune system of a healthy individual, homeopathy, like vaccination, cures disease with medicines that produce mild symptoms of disease. It works in the same way with patients who actually manifest symptoms of disease.

How is Homeopathy different from other systems of medicine?
Other systems of medicine such as allopathy take a narrow view of disease and address the ‘disease in man’ while homeopathy treats the ‘man in the disease’. Thus, while allopathy suppresses symptoms and offers symptomatic treatment, homeopathy addresses the cause of disease. It strengthens the immune system and also approaches the individual as a mind-body entity. Homeopathy is thus holistic in its approach.

What types of illnesses does Homeopathy address?
Homeopathy is extremely effective with all types of disease – from serious to mild; chronic to acute; physical to emotional, psychological, learning & developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders.

How does a Homeopath choose a remedy?
The homeopath takes a detailed case history to assess various aspects of the patient, both emotional and physical, which are then viewed in the context of the patient’s life. These include the patient’s basic nature, personality, lifestyle, stress factors, family history of disease, etc. The remedy selected matches all these various symptoms.

Why does a consultation take a long time?
Since a homeopath treats the root cause of disease, a complete case history is essential. Hence, the initial session may last for an hour while subsequent follow-up visits may take 10 to 15 minutes.

What is Homeopathic medicine made of?
Ingredients are derived from natural substances like plants, animal products, microbial culture and naturally occurring chemicals, elements, compounds and minerals, which are processed to bring out their medicinal properties. Homeopathy uses 2,000-odd ingredients such as charcoal, salt, pollen, etc.

Is it safe to mix Homeopathy with allopathy?
Yes. In fact, it may be vital to take certain drugs such as antibiotics along with Homeopathic remedies in certain cases like diabetes, cardiac problems and for accident victims. However, these drugs should be taken or discontinued under the guidance of an experienced homeopath.

How long does it take for Homeopathy to work?
It is a myth that homeopathic medicines need to be taken ‘lifelong’. Homeopathic remedies start working instantly and may take anywhere from just days to weeks to years to bring about a complete cure depending on the patient’s case. For instance, a simple cough will heal faster than chronic asthma.

Does Homeopathic medicine have any side-effects?
Generally, they don’t. However, symptoms may temporarily intensify, which only indicates that the immune system is being strengthened ahead of a disease being cured. This is therefore a good sign! But it does not always take place and depends on the patient’s physical, mental and emotional history. It is the therefore crucial to consult a certified and experienced homeopath.

Is Homeopathy safe for everyone?
Absolutely. Homeopathy is effective for individuals of all ages and conditions as well as animals.

Are there any dietary restrictions?
Suggestions vary from homeopath to homeopath. Some place no restrictions on diet, others recommend that patients avoid coffee, tobacco, sour foods, etc while still others suggest that patients avoid certain substances which may act as antidotes (eg camphor).

What kind of formal training does a Homeopath undergo?
A homeopath has a medical degree. This includes a five-and-a-half-year course inclusive of a year-long internship. The course covers the same subjects as an allopathy course, in addition to homeopathic science and philosophy. A Master’s degree is awarded after a three-year course.

Can Homeopathy help in emergency cases?

In all emergencies such as poisoning, accidents, trauma, burns etc, it is necessary to revive or treat the patient with life-saving drugs and emergency procedures such as life-support through oxygen, a ventilator, intubation, etc. Once the patient’s condition stablises, homeopathy can greatly help after that.

Can Homeopathy cure fractures, wounds etc?
In the case of fractures, cuts, wounds etc, surgery or emergency treatment may be vital. Homeopathic medicines can be taken later, to boost healing, the immune system and as an antiseptic.

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