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September 2, 2010

(I had planned to conclude the two-part series I began in my last post on the disease process and healing. But it’s time for ‘breaking news’ and I simply have to share it with you! But do look forward to a special message in the second part of the series... soon!)

Well, it’s an exciting time for me and I am looking forward to September 5, Teacher’s Day, for more reasons than one.

Having taught the science homeopathy for more than two decades, I decided to do something different this year. So from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm (IST) on Sunday, I will be sitting at my desk, beaming my first-ever live webcast to 36 homeopathic colleges across Maharashtra.

(To log into my Webcast live, email me at A recorded version will be available early next week. Watch this space!)

The Information Superhighway is a wondrous invention and it allows me to continue - and innovate - my journey as a teacher. Thanks to the Internet, I will reach out live to hundreds of students in a way I could never have dreamed of a few years ago.

So, being a personal and professional milestone, I’ve decided to talk about New Horizons In Homeopathy, distilling what I have learnt from my own teachers and from my practice, over the last 21 years. My lecture-demo will include the application of homeopathy to the New Age and new mindsets in both patients and practitioners.

Here's the invite I've sent out

I am thus dedicating this webcast to my mentors, as an expression of gratitude to those who have passed on the science and skill of this extraordinary system of health and healing to me.

Taking homeopathy to foreign shores

In the initial years of my career, it was the renowned Dr Rajan Sankaran who mentored me. I studied and then practised alongside Dr Sankaran, who is known for his path-breaking understanding of ‘mind symptoms’, his classification of remedy states and his additions to the existing miasms or disease states. It was from him that I learnt the nuances of history taking, which is so very crucial to the practice of this holistic system.

Almost a decade later, I joined the Predictive School of Homeopathy founded by the renowned Dr Prafull Vijaykar. It was Dr Vijaykar’s deep insights into miasms, and his Chart of Suppression that added an invaluable dimension to my learning curve and cemented the foundation on which I stand.

I have also drawn from the teachings of many others who have left their mark on this holistic science. These greats include Dr Jan Scholten and Dr George Vithoulkas. Thanks to all my mentors, I have thus evolved my own scientific approach called MindHeal Homeopathy.

So on September 5, I will share the insights I gained as well as those I developed, in the hope that I can open a window to a science and a philosophy that will make my student-audience wholesome doctors.

Highlights of The Webcast
  • Pathological and incurable cases presented with videos tracing the disease process and its reversal with follow-ups. Presentations will illustrate how homeopathy can bring about a complete transformation on the mental and physical levels.
  • Illustrating how various approaches can evolve and coalesce into a single, coherent system of homeopathy.
  • An in-depth study of the Materia Medica

I cannot sign off without thanking the Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians, Mumbai Branch, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, who have made this webcast possible.

Re-awaken the healer in you...
- Dr Anita S Salunke
MindHeal Homeopathy is based in Chembur, Mumbai. To find out more about MindHeal, call: 022-25230530 /
+91-9930363981. Or write to Website: We’ll be happy to answer all your queries.

Join me on a journey of healing as I demonstrate how this magical system of medicine can transform lives, maybe yours too. By digging deep into my case files, I will show you how homeopathy relates to the human condition, delivers patients from physical and emotional pain, and helps them become the best version of themselves. Here's where it all began for me.

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