When The Eyes Cry, The Body Weeps

September 22, 2010

In the video below, watch ‘The Amazing Journey Of Mrs Karnik’. But before we discuss this unique case, some thoughts…

I am fortunate to live on a rather leafy, green road, which is a rarity in Mumbai. But the reality of just how beautiful my neighbourhood really is came home to me in a simple, fleeting moment the other day.

I was walking towards my gate when a crisp, brown leaf, its edges curled beautifully, floated down from a tree and rested at my feet – nothing less than a message from the universe.

Life's colours lie in the details

I was startled. Rather, the fine detail of my observation startled me. It was afternoon and I was returning home for a lunch break between morning and evening sessions at my clinic. I was a little fatigued and looking forward to a hearty lunch.

Yet I noticed the wafting leaf and marveled at this natural wonder. It was a wake-up call. Yes, I need to live the moment – every fleeting moment – and not let them slip past unnoticed.

Many of us are like passengers seated at the window of an express train, with the passing landscape nothing more than a blur. Most of us live in fast-forward mode barely conscious of the little things that could bring us so much joy.

Is time just a blur?

Most of us never really live the moment. We trundle on, burdened by the past, preoccupied with future plans, fearful of what’s around the next corner, guilty about lost chances, depressed about betrayals and failures, anxious about finances and bracing ourselves for the sheer enormity of the tasks we assign ourselves every day, day after exhausting day.

But what does all this have to do with homeopathy? Nothing. Yet everything. The mind and body are inextricably linked, inseparable and locked in wonderful harmony. They work in perfect unison, one impacting on the other during every nano-second.

When one begins to flag, the other does too. When we stop living the moment, and when life deals us some pretty heavy blows, the emotional burden grows too heavy. Our psychological and physical resources get exhausted and the body slips into defensive mode.

Changes begin to take place at the biochemical level, and as the immune system and metabolic processes grow weaker, the body tries to cope and compensate any way it can. When the stress and strain don’t let up, these coping mechanisms persist and become self-defeating. That is, the body repeatedly tries to achieve a normal state of functioning but it fails with every successive attempt.

Since sustained stress induces biochemical and physiological changes that are unhealthy, these coping mechanisms too are skewed. But under the circumstances, they are the best the body can do.

Since they are skewed, these coping mechanisms are destructive, and because they never achieve their objective, they are self-defeating. Finally, since they are repetitive, they become our body’s default setting, as it were.

These destructive processes are thus a vain attempt to return the body to a state of balance. They play on our inherent predispositions, either genetic or acquired, and it is this which usually determines the specific type of illness an individual develops.

Mrs Karnik

This is usually the path to chronic illnesses such as asthma, allergies, renal failure, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS. Hence, these disorders are nothing but failed attempts by the body to correct a serious and chronic imbalance.

This is precisely what happened to one of my patients, Mrs Sushma Karnik, a school teacher who gave up everything that was dear to her when she got married. Next, she suffered a series of other personal setbacks. All this left her with a sense of powerlessness over her predicament, which in turn led to an attitude of silent grief.

Mrs Karnik’s mind and body mourned what she had lost and they never stopped mourning. Repressed anger piled up, and as it did, it set in motion a chain of destructive events in her body.

While watching the video below, notice the visible transformation in Mrs Karnik, as she goes from being trapped in a diseased state when she arrived at my clinic, to ‘venting’ her symptoms after treatment began, to finally becoming the ‘former’ Mrs Karnik.

The first dramatic and visible change took place no more than two weeks after she approached MindHeal Homeopathy. Her most visible symptoms – chronic and severe psoriatic eczema and arthritis – cleared up in 13 months.

Here, take a look. (Video: 5.40 min)

For more details, download pdf on The Amazing Healing Journey of Mrs Karnik.

My message this week: Take time to smell the roses. Living the moment is refreshing, it’s healing and and it’s liberating.

It's the little things that count
Re-awaken the healer in you...
- Dr Anita S Salunke
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