About MindHeal Homeopathy

What is MindHeal Homeopathy?

MindHeal Homeopathy is a world-class, multi-specialty homeopathy clinic in Mumbai specialising in holistic treatment. It is an ISO-certified clinic and its founder Dr Anita Salunkkhe is an internationally recognised homeopath whose scientific and successful approach has made her one of the most sought-after homeopathic practitioners in India.

Why MindHeal Homeopathy?

MindHeal Homeopathy is based on the principle that our mental state – our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions – determines our health. Since unhealthy thought processes produce disease, using the Mind-Body connection effectively can return patients to optimal health.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis cured in 7 months

What Patients Say

“MindHeal helps the mind triumph over matter”

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Dr Anita Salunkkhe

Dr Anita Salunkkhe is an internationally acclaimed homeopath, who specialises in pathological and incurable cases. She is also known for her incredible success with psychiatric patients and treating mental health issues.

Her accurate diagnoses and quick results are based on her ground-breaking Eight Step Method – a global first in homeopathy. Dr Salunkkhe’s approach to treatment focuses on altering unhealthy thought patterns and curing disease at the genetic and constitutional levels.

This is deep healing. It is not symptomatic. And it is long-term.

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Students & Practitioners

Dr Anita Salunkkhe is a world-renowned educator who combines her natural talent to heal with her passion to teach. Driven by this vision, she has been lecturing and conducting seminars and workshops in India and around the world for more than two decades.

Dr Salunkkhe’s seminars are red-letter days in homeopathic circles, for the knowledge and wisdom she shares. They are attended by young homeopaths who want to learn her Eight Step Method, and experienced practitioners who want to expand their repertoire and sharpen their diagnostic tools.

As an educator and as a very successful healer, Dr Anita Salunkkhe has carved a place among an exclusive group of internationally reputed homeopaths and her online courses are taught in homeopathic schools around the world.

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