Adenoid also known as nasopharyngeal tonsil or pharyngeal tonsil is the small pad of lymphoid tissue that is located subsequent to the nasal cavity. It is situated in the roof of the nasopharynx from where the nose merges with the mouth. In children soft mass in the roof and in the following wall of the nasopharynx is made which is just above and behind the uvula. The unusual growth or the enlarged adenoid is called the ‘adenoid hypertrophy’.


The enlarged adenoid causes symptoms due to where the lymphoid tissue is located. If is found in the midline of nasopharynx and Eustachian tubes that open from either ear to the left or right of them. Middle ear ventilates through Eustachian tubes. Extreme large adenoids severely block the air to passage to both the ears and nose. Sinusitis and otitis media takes place due to this obstruction of normal air ventilation. Children possessing chronic middle ear fluid and high middle ear infections experience high bacteria counts in their adenoids rather than the children without problematic otitis media, even though the adenoid’s size is small. In such cases adenoids serve as the reservoir for pathogenic bacteria causing ear infections and subsequently the middle ear fluids. These cases also lead to situations wherein children need to breathe from their mouth, protruding eyes, drooling of saliva referred as adenoid facies. Nasopharynx is located right above the throat and excessive drip splashes from the infected adenoids have chances of directly landing on the vocal cords. Though adenoiditis do not normally infect the vocal cord and larynx, their mucosa gets irritated. An irritable urge to cough is caused if any fluid falls on the extremely sensitive vocal cords. Thus adenoids constitutes to one of the causes of coughs.

Homeopathic Treatment

Adenoidectomy is the common way for removing the adenoid through surgical way. However homeopathy is seen as the excellent way to escape from this surgical removal of adenoids. Homeopathy medicines like calcarea phosphoric, tuberculinum and agraphis are some of the most effective medicines that help to reduce the severity of pain and enlarged tonsils in the patients suffering from adenoids.