Dr Anita Salunkkhe

Healing is as much an art as it is a science, and Dr Anita Salunkkhe uses a powerful combination of both in her hugely successful practice. Her accurate diagnoses and quick results have made her one of India’s most sought-after homeopaths.

Dr. Salunkkhe is known especially for her success with cases of extreme pathology and psychiatric conditions. Conventional medicine is not equipped to treat cases like these but Dr. Salunkkhe has achieved outstanding results in these areas.

What makes Dr. Salunkkhe so successful?

Dr Anita Salunkkhe is known for her Eight Step Method, a revolutionary diagnostic tool that she has developed. She has been teaching it at workshops and seminars for more than three decades. Her thorough Case Taking and concept of Key Sensitivity are cornerstones of her approach to treatment.

Conventional medicine has compelled us to believe in certain misconceptions but Dr. Salunkkhe has shattered two basic myths.

Myth #1: Homeopathy is ‘mild’ and most effective when supporting allopathic treatment. Dr. Salunkkhe has proved that homeopathy is a much more efficient system of medicine than allopathy is. It can achieve results that allopathic medicine cannot deliver

Myth #2: Homeopathy ‘takes years’ to yield results. On the contrary, Dr. Salunkkhe is known for her quick and dramatic results, regardless of the nature and extent of the patients’ pathology

Dr. Salunkkhe has healed patients with rheumatoid arthritis in months, cured individuals with HIV in less than a year, and her remedies have helped patients overcome phobias and anxiety disorders in just weeks. Read more about her cases.

And you don’t need to consult with Dr. Salunkkhe in person to benefit from her extraordinary healing skills. She consults online with patients from all over the world. Book an appointment here.

Background & Training

Dr Anita Salunkkhe has evolved her own approach to healing, which blends the essence of two diverse schools of homeopathy – one of them founded by Dr Prafull Vijaykar and the other by Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Her decade-long association with Dr Rajan Sankaran laid the foundation for her in-depth understanding of Case Taking, while under the mentorship of Dr Praful Vijayakar, founder of the Predictive School of Homeopathy, Dr. Salunkkhe received a foundation in the Theory of Suppression and an understanding of Miasms. It was also Dr Vijaykar’s study of the human Genetic Constitution that set her on the path to treating incurable and pathological cases.

Dr. Salunkkhe has mastered the art of assessing Miasms, which has contributed to her remarkable success. Also, due to her early grounding in Psychiatry (she holds a Doctor of Medicine degree in Psychiatry), she is a specialist in treating psychiatric cases with homeopathy.

Academic Qualifications

  • DHMS (1988): Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
  • MD (2004): Thesis on Mental Disorders, titled Application of Miasms To Treat Psychiatric Disorders. Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi, and affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
  • Post-Graduate (2020): Fellowship courses in Advanced Homoeopathy, Homoeopathic Psychiatry and Counselling. PG – FHPC from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

World Class Teacher

Dr Anita Salunkkhe has more than three decades’ experience and has set many benchmarks in her career. She is a world-class educator and has been teaching her revolutionary approach to homeopathy at seminars and workshops in India and around the world. She also mentors other homeopaths and guides them through tough cases.

Dr. Salunkkhe's Online Courses go well beyond textbook learning, give access to her cases and teach her dynamic Eight Step Method. They are designed to help young homeopaths and seasoned practitioners sharpen their diagnostic skills and the art of prescribing.

Post-Graduate Teaching Experience

  • Universidad Candegabe of Argentina offers her online courses at their academy
  • Seminars and workshops at Caldas Novas, Curitiba and Sao Paolo in Brazil
  • European School of Homeopathy (Edicta) in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Lectured at Akademie for Homeopathic, Munich, Germany
  • Expert lecturer at Manasam, Brazil, at an international meet on Mental Health
  • Faculty and Post-Graduate Guide at Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London

Other Teaching Experience

  • AFAC Homeopathic Centre
  • Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians
  • Ex-Faculty Predictive School of Homeopathy
  • Conducts seminars and workshops across India, in Punjab, Kerala, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Haryana, Goa, Chennai and Maharashtra
  • Conducts seminars and workshops overseas in countries like the US, the UK, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belgrade, Croatia, Israel, Germany, Russia, Australia and Argentina. These workshops train practitioners in advanced homeopathy, to treat pathological & incurable cases, and developmental disorders
  • Mentors students from homeopathic colleges across India as well as budding homeopaths at her private practice
  • Recorded in the history of Bulgaria’s homeopathy as the first Indian woman homeopath to conduct a seminar in that country (6-day seminar with live cases)
  • Key speaker at LMHI World Congress in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2016

Present Appointment

  • Faculty at Escuela Medica Homeopatica Argentina
  • Webinars in homeopathic schools in Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgrade and Argentina
  • Visiting faculty at Dr Rajan Sankaran”s The Other Song Academy
  • MUHS Guide and Examiner for courses run at The Other Song Academy

My Aims & Objectives

According to the World Health Organization, ‘health’ is not only the ‘absence of disease’ but it is judged also by the ‘physical, mental and social well-being of an individual’. If every physician adopts this definition and treats every case with an in-depth understanding of the human psyche, we will be able to restore our patients to health in the true spirit of healing.

My aim is to use homeopathy to cure my patients by changing their perception towards life’s challenges. This is holistic healing at its best and, at MindHeal Homeopathy, it’s just what we do.

MindHeal Homeopathy reawakens the healer in you.