Online Consultation: Procedure

Thank you for opting for MindHeal Homeopathy. Our Online Consultation facility makes homeopathy accessible remotely – to anyone, anywhere. It is easy and comprises 5 simple steps.

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All online patients consult personally with Dr Anita S Salunke

Treatment Plans

Region 4 months 8 months 12 months
US, Canada, Australia US$355 US$510 US$670
European Union € 280 € 430 € 595
Asia, Africa, South America US$315 US$465 US$625
Non-EU countries
India INR 6,900 INR 10,500 INR 14,500
* Fees include Consultation, Online Support, Medicines, Courier Charges.
* (Except India, one-time consultation charges will be Rs 3000/-.)