MindHeal: A Window To Disease

Does MindHeal use counseling?

We all have our weaknesses and they make us vulnerable, both mentally and physically. These are our pain points. But the dark side of human nature camouflages our true thoughts and feelings because leaving them exposed to our conscious mind would leave us emotionally weak and mentally paralysed.

The subconscious mind is where all our painful memories, hurtful experiences and unacceptable thoughts and feelings are stored. Standing between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is a wall of defences that keeps us from confronting our demons. This is a natural process and one that keeps us sane and functioning in the real world. It is when our defences break down – both mentally and physically – that sickness creeps in.

MindHeal Homeopathy does not counsel patients. We inquire into the patient’s Mind; we identify their deepest fears, anxieties and feelings; identify their coping mechanisms; and take into account their behaviour in the real world as part of a detailed Case Taking process. The goal is to uncover the patient’s Key Sensitivity.

We all have a Key Sensitivity

The Mind is a window
to disease. It is a Master Switch that can be flipped either way – it can cause disease or restore you to health

Key Sensitivity is that one issue, that one key vulnerability, at the root of the patient’s disease. It is a theme that underlies the patient’s core perceptions, basic beliefs, essence of their personality, and their very existence. It is usually something that relates to the individual’s past and has been driving their thoughts, attitudes, feelings and behaviour for a long time. It is embedded in their very nature.

For example, ‘being judged’ could be a key sensitivity that gives rise to a behaviour pattern that constantly tries to compensate for it. Other key sensitivities – or themes that ‘run in the background’ like a software application – are ‘I will be accepted only if I prove myself’; ‘I need to maintain my image and status in society’; ‘I need to keep proving that I am worthy of love’.

Each of us has a Key Sensitivity and since it a pain point, we develop a coping strategy, at both the mental and physical levels, to defend against the pain it causes.

‍The defences we use are unique to each of us but they universally drain our energy and deplete our immune system. All this just to keep us sane and functioning on a daily basis.

Since the threat or vulnerability – the Key Sensitivity – is a perception and does not exist in the real world, it is like keeping our foot on the gas with the brakes slammed on. We are in overdrive. And we’re doing it all the time. This is Stress.

In time, this overuse of defences and depletion of mental and physical resources leaves the body exhausted, and we become sick.

To arrive at the patient’s Key Sensitivity, MindHeal Homeopathy taps into the subconscious mind and takes into account the individual’s life events, key fears, what they mean to the patient, coping strategies they have been using to defend against them, childhood history, dreams and hobbies to map their mind, and their basic nature and personality. 

With the right tools, we identify the patient’s mental defences and look behind them, at their key vulnerability. Finding the patient’s Key Sensitivity is absolutely essential for the practitioner to discover the root cause of the disease.

What is the next step?

After discovering the patient’s Key Sensitivity, MindHeal Homeopathy uses the information gathered in the Case Taking along with the principles of homeopathy to arrive at the right similimum that the patient resonates with in nature. This is because homeopathy rests on the principle of ‘like cures like’.

The right remedy resonates with the patient’s energy, and when this happens, a bit of magic takes place. The similimum works on the individual’s constitution and begins to reverse the disease process. This reversal takes place at both the mental and physical levels simultaneously.

Hence, as the body heals, patients undergo a visible physical transformation. They begin to look different – and this shows up on their face.

As the Mind heals, patients also report a shift in their thinking and in their general demeanour. They begin to see the world in new and positive ways. Some even call it happiness.

By stripping away the delusion the patient has been living in – their Key Sensitivity – MindHeal Homeopathy thus returns patients to a state of physical health and mental well-being.

Miasm: States of Sickness & Health

Most diseases do not manifest overnight; they take years to develop. So, for instance, conditions such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and cancer journey through the patient’s mind and body for a long time before symptoms show up and they are detected.

It is only when this process is reversed that the patient is cured. Homeopathy – and it is crucial to understand this – does not treat symptoms or the visible manifestation of the disease. This is the prerogative of allopathic medicine, which uses drugs to suppress symptoms. Since allopathic medicine equates the absence of symptoms with good health, eliminating the symptom by suppressing it with strong medication is tantamount to curing a patient. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Suppressing symptoms only means the disease will travel elsewhere and show up elsewhere. To truly cure the patient, the physician must discover its source.

MindHeal Homeopathy detects the root cause of disease and then reverses the entire disease process, thus altogether eliminating it from the patient’s body and mind. Now the patient is cured.

In homeopathic terms, when the disease process is reversed, it is actually transitioning from one Miasm to another. It is proof that healing is on track.

But what is ‘Miasm’? There are three Miasms or defences in cells – Psora (Inflammation), Sycosis (Growth), Syphilis (Destruction) – and every human being exists in one of these three Miasmatic states. Over time, each of us also switches between states without us ever knowing it – until we fall sick.

Disease manifests differently in each Miasm. That is, the type and nature of disease varies with the Miasm that characterises the patient at any given point. Since Psora is the most desirable Miasm, the practitioner, though a homeopathic remedy, reverses the Miasm of the patient from Sycosis and/or Syphilis to Psora and restores them to health. You could say the practitioner ‘reverses the patient’s genetic defences from destruction to health’.

The role of the practitioner is beautifully summed up by Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy, in Aphorism 2 in his Organon of Medicine. Hahnemann says:

“The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.”