Mapping The Mind In Psychiatric Cases

12 online modules
(Aug 2020 – July 2021)
1 Module every month

Mapping The Mind In Psychiatric Cases

Welcome to Mapping The Mind In Psychiatric Cases, a webinar series by Dr Anita S Salunke, in association with Sociedade Medica Gioana de Homeopatia in Brazil & Dr Vivian Suttin in Argentina.

In a series of 12 online sessions, Dr Salunke blends the scientific knowledge of the classical masters with newer systems evolved by contemporary stalwarts, to arrive at a highly refined approach to Case Taking. At the heart of this approach is a synthesis of homeopathy as a science and of Case Taking as an art. Dr Salunke demonstrates this syncretic approach while always keeping the highly individualised patient as the focus. The objective is one hundred per cent accuracy.

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October, 2020

Module 3
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What You Get

  • First 2 webinars are free (August & September 2020)
  • Each webinar from Oct 2020 to July 2021 will cost $10
  • Each webinar is available in 3 languages - Spanish,
    Portuguese and English. The session can be translated
    into other languages with prior notice for an additional fee.
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  • In each webinar, Dr Salunke uses video cases to
    demonstrate her method

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August 15, 2020

Module 1
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Septmeber 19, 2020

Module 2
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