Dr Anita S Salunke is internationally recognised as a gifted homeopath and a charismatic teacher. Sought out by some of the best schools of homeopathy and teaching academies around the world, she has been delivering seminars and lectures for more than three decades.

Her ground-breaking method is known for its accuracy and quick results, and has brought her international acclaim. It has been adopted by practitioners from a range of schools of homeopathy for its practical application. Even medical doctors keen on blending homeopathy with conventional medicine regularly draw on her expertise to find new and innovative ways to treat their patients.

As powerful as homeopathy is, it can also be confusing and difficult to master. Textbooks, seminars and even graduate courses do not prepare students and practitioners for the complexity of cases they encounter. With video cases of her patients and insights into her exceptionally accurate approach, Dr Salunke will walk you through her art of Case Taking and teach you how to unerringly unlock even the most baffling cases that confront you in your practice.

Practical Apporach

This e-learning programme is structured to make the complex surprisingly easy and is delivered in a hands-on, practical way so that you pick up the tools quickly. Once you have these tools in your repertoire, you will be able to get the kind of results you never imagined were possible.


Dr Salunke’s video lectures are not time-bound and can be assimilated via self-study. You can set your own pace and watch the videos entirely at your convenience. You will also have access to Q&A sessions that will further enhance the quality of your learning.

Skype With Dr Salunke

Dr Salunke’s energetic approach to homeopathy, her gift of healing and love for teaching set her apart from other practitioners. That’s one reason you will benefit greatly from her e-learning programme. Here's another: included in each video course is a free Skype session with Dr Salunke, who will personally answer your queries and discuss issues pertinent to the course.

Mentoring Programme

Even the most seasoned homeopath needs to bounce off cases and get a second opinion every now and then. Dr Salunke’s Mentoring Programme offers all the guidance you need via a joint consultation session with your patient. These live sessions conducted via Skype are also an opportunity to learn a method that is precise, accurate and that delivers quick results.

For details on Dr Anita S Salunke’s Mentoring Programme, click here

Why Take These Online Courses?

  • Learn Dr Anita S Salunke’s Eight-Step Method without having to attend her lectures or seminars
  • The structure and clarity of this method will help you achieve perfection in prescribing
  • Improve your powers of observation and do away with long-winded Case Taking
  • Understand the process of your patients’ disease and learn to reverse the Miasmatic process
  • Observe Tri-Miasmatic drug pictures
  • Synthesise information efficiently to find the right remedy
  • Become a symptom sleuth to arrive at the Key Sensitivity in every case
  • By mastering Dr Salunke’s Eight-Step Method, you learn to think outside the box
  • You owe it to your patients!

1. Homeopathy: Integrating Old & New

Course Description

  • Harmonising classical and contemporary approaches
  • Development of homeopathy / contribution by different schools of thought
  • Case Taking Is An Art – The importance of observation
  • Eight-Step Method as developed by Dr Anita S Salunke
  • Miasm – Philosophy of development from Hahnemann to present-day. New concept of Miasm
  • Kingdom Theory – Importance of classifying remedies
  • Key Sensitivity – What is Key Sensitivity / Why it is the key to unlocking the right remedy for every patient

Course Material

  • Includes 32 hours of video recording – 24 videos
  • Illustrated by 50 video cases of patients with follow-ups; detailed explanation showing entry points to find similimum
  • PPT of Trimiasmatic Drug Pictures
  • PDF listing Key Sensitivity of Drugs


Knowledge of Hahnemann’s classical homeopathy; Organon, Repertory and Materia Medica


Candidates must solve two video cases (which will be provided) to be certified at the end the course. Certification will be accorded by MindHeal Homeopathy.

Enrolment Validity

The course is valid for 4 months from the date of registration and full payment of fees.

Click the link to pay your fee. Once paid, go to 'Enrol' tab and mention the transaction ID to enrol successfully.

2. Fundamental Guide To Treating Psychiatric Disorders

Course Description

  • Approaches and methodology to treating various Psychiatric disorders
  • Hahnemann’s view on one-sided diseases with an explanation of Aphorisms
  • Application of Miasms to treating Psychiatric disorders
  • Tri-miasmatic Materia Medica

Course Material

  • Includes 36 hours of video recording – 36 videos of 60-minutes each. It includes numerous videos of Dr Anita S Salunke's patients for hands-on training


Knowledge of Hahnemann’s classical homeopathy; Organon, Repertory and Materia Medica

Enrolment Validity

The course is valid for 4 months from the date of registration and full payment of fees.

Go to 'Enrol' tab and mention the transaction ID as 'NA' to enrol successfully.

  • (Note: there are no fees for this course)

There is a world of difference between information and knowledge. The former can be gained from textbooks but a wise teacher can gift you what the written word can never convey.

Sample some of Dr Anita S Salunke’s lectures and seminars from the videos below:

Demo Lecture 1

Demo Lecture 2

Demo Lecture 3

Demo Lecture 4

Dr Anita S Salunke can be your Personal Mentor.

Patients are not the only ones who need a second opinion. Every now and then, even experienced doctors and homeopaths need a fresh perspective on their cases.

Dr Salunke has more than three decades of clinical experience. She is noted for her unbelievably accurate diagnoses and quick results. She is also an expert with pathological and incurable cases, and an authority on treating Psychiatric cases.

If you need expert guidance with your own cases, you can consult with Dr Salunke from anywhere in the world via Skype. As part of her Mentoring Programme, she will personally consult with you and your patient, follow-ups included, so that you can truly give your patients the expertise they deserve.

Region 4 months 8 months 12 months
US, Canada, Australia US$290 US$420 US$570
European Union €225 €355 €500
Asia, Africa, South America US$260 US$390 US$520
Non-EU countries
India INR 4,900 INR 7,900 INR 10,900
* Fees include Online Consultation via Skype and Online Support
  1. What languages are the courses available in?
    All courses are available in English and in Spanish. All videos are subtitled in English. This includes content in English and any other languages used in the video.
  2. Will I get to learn Dr Anita S Salunke’s Eight-Step Method?
    Of course! Among other elements, Dr Salunke will teach you her Eight-Step Method using videos of her patients and other instructional material.
  3. How will I get my queries clarified?
    You have three options. 1) You may email your queries to courses@mindheal.org 2) In addition, you are entitled to a free Skype session with Dr Salunke, any time after the first three months of registration and up to the maximum duration of the course. 3) You will also be able to access Q&A sessions specific to your course.
  4. What does the course qualify me to do?
    These instructional courses will raise your Case Taking and Prescribing skills to a new level. The accuracy and precision of Dr Salunke’s method will help you see results in your own practice that you didn’t think were possible.
  5. How do I pay for the course?
    There are many options for payment of fees, for students and practitioners in India and overseas. Click here for details

Human nature is wonderfully complex but when the body and mind are far from a state of balance, the individual falls sick. How better to follow the journey of disease than to look through the window of the Mind?

But the Mind is clever, deceptive and mischievous and it is designed to protect, defend and hold its secrets close.

The art of Case Taking seeks to uncover these secrets – the patient’s deepest fears and the coping strategies he or she uses to defend against them – so that the practitioner can get to the very source of the disease.

However, finding clues to the dark side of human nature can be a formidable task. But with the right tools, it is possible to unerringly pinpoint the root cause of disease and reverse the process to bring patients back to a state of balance.

Dr Anita S Salunke’s Eight-Step Method is internationally acclaimed as a precise and amazingly accurate approach to Case Taking and Prescribing. It is a blend of Dr Rajan Sankaran’s Kingdom Theory and Dr Praful Vijayakar’s Rubrics method.

But Dr Salunke has added a third element – Key Sensitivity – which has further enhanced the accuracy and precision with which the practitioner can arrive at highly nuanced Rubrics and thus proceed to prescribing the right remedy.

Better still, Dr Salunke’s method saves time and spares both the practitioner and patient lengthy, repetitive and unwieldy interviews.

Here’s all you need to know about Key Sensitivity and Dr Salunke’s Eight-Step Method.

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