Cystic fibrosis


The inherited disease of sweat glands and mucus mostly affecting the liver, pancreas, sinuses, lungs, sex organs and intestines is known as Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The thickness and stickiness of mucus is occurred which blocks the lungs leading to respiratory problems and fosters the growth of bacteria. This situation may lead to repetitive lung damage and lung infections.


The Cystic Fibrosis symptoms are as follows: Respiratory Symptoms: • Abnormal germs who fail to respond to standard antibiotics causing lung infections. • Frequent pneumonia and bouts of bronchitis and sinuses. • Problem in rising up sticky, thick mucus which is also sometimes bloody accompanied with regular coughing. These symptoms can sum up and can cause long lasting damage to lungs. Serious complications like: • Collapsed lung • bronchiectasis • pneumothorax Few people may have a chance to develop growth in the nose (nasal polyps) needing surgery in the cystic fibrosis condition. Digestive System Signs and Symptoms Cystic fibrosis greatly affects pancreas and intestines in some condition. The thick and sticky mucus developed clogs ducts or tubes in pancreas stopping the enzymes to reach the intestines leading to creation of various digestive symptoms and difficulties. • The proper and fully absorption of proteins and fats is obstructed with the absence of enzymes in the intestines. This results in greasy, foul-smelling or bulky stools and continuous diarrhea. • Newborns may suffer from intestinal blockage. • Discomfort and stomach pain can also occur due to excessive gas and chronic constipation. • Poor growth and reduced weight gain are hallmark symptoms of cystic fibrosis in children. Children down with cystic fibrosis experience lack of nutrients even though there food is rich in nutrients due to declined enzymes absorbing proteins and fats in their body. Digestive complications: • Rectal prolapsed • Diabetes • Blocked and inflamed bile ducts resulting in diseases of liver • Gallstones • Pancreatitis Reproductive System • Cystic fibrosis leads to infertility in males as vas deferens is absent when they are born. • Blockage of cervix due to mucus in females. Other symptoms and complications: Cystic fibrosis also affects the mineral balance present in the blood in the person suffering from the condition. It causes very salty sweat. Further this can lead to dehydration increasing your tiredness, heart rate, weakness, heart stroke, decreased blood pressure and very rarely in some cases may lead to death. Low bone density and clubbing are also occurred due to cystic fibrosis. (Rounding and widening of the tips of the toes and fingers are known as clubbing)

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is known since history to cure the patients completely in the safest manner. It examines the root-cause of the patient’s problem and devises specially customized treatment for effective homeopathic treatment. Following are the treatments to be carried out to provide cure for the various complications raised from Cystic Fibrosis.. Treatment for advanced lung disease: • Patients having the problem of breathlessness offered oxygen therapy. • In case of severe lung disease, lung transplant is the available option. Treatment for digestive problems: • Oral pancreatic • Undertaking nutritional therapy – proper balanced diet with rich in proteins, fats and calories. • Increased intake of vitamins • Before going for a vigorous exercise having intake of salt supplement or high-salt diet. • Treatment of blocked intestines with adopting proper medications for thinning of mucus and enemas. Treatment for complications aroused out of Cystic Fibrosis: • The first common complication cystic fibrosis develop into their patients is diabetes and after that osteoporosis is another complication. The treatment of diabetes of patients caused due to cystic fibrosis is different from those occurred due to typical diabetic causes. All these symptoms and complication aroused out of cystic fibrosis is a result of constitutional base. So here homeopathy plays a pivotal role in curing this condition with its effective constitutional approach of treatment. Homeopathic treatment not only significantly cures the disease condition but also restricts the development of further complication in the patients. Also some of the irresponsive cases has responded extremely well and appeared to have come out of the disease through interaction with homeopathic treatment.