Skin eruptions on thickened skin in localized area which can be painful and swelled up or inflamed is known as Corns, or even calluses. Also in some cases, these lesions can be painless.


Reaction to friction and pressure can result in corn. Also skin making an effort to protect from blistering results in continuous injury. Increase in the number of keratinocytes (basal epidermal cells)causes skin surface to acquire thicker stratum corneum and thicker prickle cell layer.

Homeopathic Treatment

Following are the symptom visible in patients suffering from corn: Hands and feet are more prominently seen affected with skin lesions. Also other parts in body are affected. • Skin lesions on palms • On knuckle pads • Appear on side of the foot • Seen on foot’s ball Entire palm’s or sole’s thick skin is called as plantar keratoderma and palmar.