Allergic Rhinitis


Rhinitis is the inflammation or swelling of the nasal airways that produces chain of uncomfortable symptoms. Allergic Rhinitis is a condition wherein you breathe in something which you are allergic to like dust, pollen or dander leading to the combination of symptoms mostly in the nose and eyes.


Allergy is activated by an allergen substance. If a person breathes in allergen substance like dust or pollen and if his body releases chemicals including histamine, then he is suffering from allergen rhinitis. It leads to symptoms of allergy like production of mucous, swelling and itching. Also allergens like animal dander, mold and similar allergens triggers to similar allergic conditions. The amounts of these allergens are increased during the hot, windy and dry days than the cool, rainy and damp days where most allergens or pollens are washed to the ground. a person’s susceptibility to acquire an allergy depends upon his genes and environment. It is a common disorder. Allergies are even hereditary and can be passed on to you if your parents acquire it. However your chance of getting an allergy increases if your mother possesses it. Genetic component also constitutes to one of the causes of acquiring allergy or IgE-mediated or reactions like proteins causing allergic reaction due to external allergen. In vulnerable individuals, contact certain with foreign leads to allergen sensitization, which is determined by production of specific IgE against these proteins.

Homeopathic Treatment

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis that occur early in people suffering from it are as follows: Sneezing Running nose Tearing eyes Itchy mouth, eyes, throat, nose, skin or any other area Problem with smelling Symptoms developing later in the patients suffering from allergic rhinitis includes: Coughing Irritability and fatigue Nasal congestion or filled nose Clogged ears Dark circles Decreased sense of smell Puffiness below eyes Sore throat Headache and memory problem Reduced pace of thinking