Autism is impaired brain functioning and is found in children. It develops in the starting three years of a child’s life and inhibits his ability of communication and social skills leading to reduced intellectual sense. It affects the development of children gravely and there is no exact cause found yet for this ailment. About 0.2% children in the world and around 1.7% children in India are diagnosed with Autism.


Here are the symptoms present in children suffering from Autism: Lack of intellectual sense and language impairment Stubbornness and annoying behavior Communication and social impairment Unusual behavior, repeated activities, extreme possessiveness for certain objects More usage of gesture for communicating and poor verbal expression. Under-sensitivity or over-sensitivity to pain Lacks in perceiving fear of danger like maybe ready to jump off from great heights Repeating phrases or words and throwing tantrums No response to verbal instructions (with normal hearing) Lack of intellect and preoccupation with fantasy Crying or laughing without any reason Prefers solitude and Echolalia (repeating same words) Shouting and screaming out of proportion Physical hyper-activity and under-activity Improper social activity as per their age or with elders While communicating, there is no eye contact Unresponsive teaching and Spinning objects Underdeveloped fine motor skills

Homeopathic Treatment

The video below shows how the homeopathic treatment for this Autistic child was done. He had a history of serious family diseases which is known to lead genetic cause for his condition. The analysis of this case also took into consideration the weaken functions like lack of social skills, behavior, throwing tantrums, speech, communication, etc.