A progressive decline in the cognitive skills and in the intellectual functions hampering your daily activities is termed as – dementia. 30-50% people below 80years of age suffer from dementia whereas people between the age group of 60-64% suffer from dementia only 1%. After 60years of age till 90years, the problem of dementia is seen becoming twice every 5years.


As the clinical diagnosis and definition of the dementia doesn’t have exact causes, it becomes problematic to distinguish them. Among 2/3 cases suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is constitutes to be the most prominent cause. The next commonly prevalent type is vascular dementia.

Homeopathic Treatment

Symptoms: The symptoms of dementia differ depending upon its varying causes: Typically hampered cognitive and intellectual functions are experienced. Also symptoms of dementia can be divided different stages: mild, moderate and severe. People of any age suffering from dementia may experience behavior changes and change in personality. 40% dementia patients in their mild and moderate stages undergo depression which later raises their probability to develop into vegetative symptoms like anorexia, insomnia, weight loss etc. Dementia people suffering from depression worsen their disability much further, eradicating the line distinguishing between the cause and effect. Weight loss in many cases may prove to be the first symptom than any symptoms start appearing. 25% of dementia patients suffer from Psychosis- paranoia or delusion. Mild Dementia: Short-term memory Impaired language function and executive function like ability to plan and organize. Declined ability to use language – Aphasia.  Agnosia- weaken ability to identify objects. Apathy Difficulty in following direction. Emotional fluctuation. Moderate Dementia: Difficulty in learning new information. Increasing disorientation. Further personality alterations like people becoming continuously anxious, irritable, self-centered, angry and inflexible or turn out to be passive, depressed, etc. 25% patients of dementia patients suffer from psychotic symptoms like significant paranoia. Disorganized sleep patterns. Lack of spontaneity and common delusion of stealing, or being unfaithful to spouse. Severe Dementia: Hampered basic abilities of eating, walking and completely depend on others. Complete memory loss of remote and recent events.  Fail to recognize even close family members. Unable to move when in bed. Loss of reflex motor functions like ability to swallow leading to dehydration and under-nutrition problems raising the pneumonia. Under nutrition and immobility further leading to pressure ulcers risk. Patient may even become completely mute. Final stage of dementia develops infection in skin, urinary tract and respiratory tract leading to coma and death.