The inflammation or swelling of the mucous membrane within the lungs lining the bronchial tubes is known as bronchitis. It may be acute or critical. The duration and severity of the condition can be chronic in critical cases.


The symptoms of bronchitis are as follows: • Chest pain • Fever • Nose congestion • Cold • Tiredness, joint ache, body ache which happens mainly due to infection • Dyspnea – difficulty in breathing • Throat pain

Homeopathic Treatment

For the patients suffering from bronchitis, homeopathic treatment with its naturally devised non-allergic medication signifies to be the ideal solution for them. It helps in alleviating and controlling the symptoms of chronic coughing and vulnerability to catch cold and cough declining the patient’s condition. The proper homeopathic treatment reduces the severity, duration and frequency of the recurring bronchitis and proves to be beneficial in improving the general vitality and immunity of the patients. Homeopathy also helps in curing the infective and allergic cases of bronchitis successfully.