Gall Stone


Small solid materials that forms in the gallbladder are known as gall stones. They are crystallized cholesterol or some other pigments present in the gallbladder. It affects more women than men. 11% of the general population is seen affected by gall stones. Gallbladder is a small organ located just below the liver. It produces the bile that aids in digestive process and proper digestion of fats. Bile is a fluid formed by the liver. It is formed of several substances like bile salts, cholesterol, pigment and water called Bilirubin. Gallstones are of two types: 1. Cholesterol gall stones: These are yellow-green stones which are made up of cholesterol and     almost 80% people today are suffering from. 2. Pigment stones: these stones are dark and small and made from bile pigments.


The following are the common symptoms of persons suffering from gall stone: 1. Obesity 2. 60age above people are at higher risks 3. In some cases gall stones can also be formed due to rapid weight loss, fasting and diabetes. 4. Males are less affected with gall stones than females. 5. Sometimes, many people suffering with gallstones may not experience any pain or have any     complaint regarding it whereas some people suffer from pain in their upper abdomen lasting     upto 2-6hours.

Homeopathic Treatment

At the early stage of gall stones when the size of the stone is small, homeopathic treatment can be play a miraculous role in dissolving the stone and curing the disease completely and that too safely. The homeopathic treatment also lessens the severity of your pain and inflammation that have caused in the gallbladder medically known as cholecystitis formed during the condition. It not only mildly treat the patient leaving any negative traces but also prevent the stones from reoccurring into the body of the patients.