Decreased secretion of thyroid hormones in the body is called as hypothyroidism. It is also called Under Active Thyroid. Thyroid is an endocrine gland (which secretes hormone- thyroxin T4 (Tetraiodothyronine/Thyroxine) and T3 (Triiodothyronine) situated in the midline and base of the neck. These hormones are essential for maintaining harmony of various body functions. Thyroid hormones govern the speed of metabolic activities and have positive influence on growth of an individual (mental and physical). Because thyroid hormones affect growth, development and many cellular processes, excess of thyroid hormones has widespread consequences on the body.


The following are some of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism: Reduced secretion of thyroid hormones can produce various symptoms. Even that vary from person to person and with the age of patient. The common symptoms include signs excessive tiredness and sleepiness, weight gain, intolerance to cold, hoarseness of voice, deafness, dry flaky skin and hair, loss of hair, body swelling, constipation, depression, etc. The condition is much more common in females. One reason for such reduced production of thyroid hormone may be deficiency of raw material i.e. dietary iodine. But hypothyroidism can develop in absence of dietary iodine deficiency also. The cause for such cases may not be known always, but it is largely believed to be due to disturbances of immune system where body’s defense system starts attacking body’s own organs and tissues. Hypothyroidism is a constitutional disorder affecting multiple body systems and calls for an in-depth constitutional approach for its management.

Homeopathic Treatment

Hypothyroidism being a constitutional trouble, it requires constitutional approach for treatment management. Homeopathy is based on the concept, that disease is expression of mind ,environment, diet, habits & genetic make up (which entirely is body constitution )Hence homeopathy prescription will be after evaluation of presenting complaints along with physical, emotional and genetic make up of a person that individualizes him/her. The remedy prescribed based on this entire totality treats the disorder at its root cause and thus restores the normal functioning of the body.