Bone Tumors


Tumor or neoplasm is a lump of tissue that is formed due to uncontrollable or abnormal division of cells. In this condition, the bone gets weak and can even break down which can lead to major consequences like disability in a person or may also lead to death. It hampers the healthy tissues and replaces it with abnormal ones Some bone tumors are cancerous called malignant while most of them are benign which are non cancerous. Benign tumor, as they are non-cancerous in nature is not life-threatening while the malignant tumor spreads throughout the body through blood and can lead to intense conditions. Primary bone cancer that begins in bone is totally different from secondary bone cancer that begins in other part of the body and reaches the bone. More males are affected by primary bone cancer than females and the condition is rare.


Following are the important symptoms of bone tumor: • Symptoms of bone c most commonly include swelling especially near the joints and increasing pain which gets intense at night. Some bone tumor gives no pain to the patients while in other cases; it may lead to fatigue or exhaustion. • Bone cancer occurring in the growing bones of children and adolescent is the most common form of bone tumor called Osteosarcoma. This bone tumor usually occurs around the knee and also takes position on upper arm and upper leg. (Affecting population age ranging from 10-25) • Another born tumor that is commonly found in adults and develops in cartilage is known as Chondrosarcoma. People with age group ranging from50-60are most affected and the bone tumor in them takes location on the pelvis, shoulder or upper leg. • Children and adolescents with age group of 10-20 undergo the condition of Ewing’s sarcoma wherein immature cells in the bone begins.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a good way to cure the problem of brain tumor. The homeopathic treatment with its genetic level process tries to alleviate the abnormal and uncontrollable division of the cells. According to the primary conclusion, whether it is a benign or malignant; primary or secondary tumor, homeopathy decides the plan of action. Benign and early identified cases can be effectively managed by homeopathy. Whereas in moderate and severe cases homeopathy works jointly with therapies like chemo, radio or surgical processes. . It examines the patients completely and then proceeds with the special customized treatment improving the health of the patient. It takes care of the side-effects or negative traces left by radio, chemo or any other surgical process with its non-allergic homeopathic medicines. Thus homeopathy proves to be the best way to cure the bone tumor and restore your health.