Anxiety Neurosis


The anxiety neurosis is the sensation of worrying or an approaching destruction and can be specific as well as non-specific. Anxiety Neurosis is condition which doesn’t last long and doesn’t affects any occupational or social functioning. But when the severity of anxiety increases affecting your daily activities, then the condition is termed as ‘anxiety disorder’.


Here are the symptoms visible in people suffering from anxiety neurosis: Nausea Rapid breathing Faintness or dizziness Loss of sleep Twitching Lacking sexual emotions Hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, dry mouth Diarrhea Palpitations Muscles tension Sweating Trembling Lack of concentration Irritability and fatigue Weight loss Memory problems Nightmares

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy treatment is the effective way for curing the condition of anxiety neurosis. The effective homeopathic medicines and customized strategy proves advantageous in reducing the severity and duration of anxiety and eradicates the symptoms leading you back to your normal life. ..............