Dandruff is very common disorder affecting the scalp. It is a condition wherein the scalp’s skin undergoes extreme scaling of deal cells. Every 24hours human body experiences persistent steady renewal. But when this renewal speeds up, it tends to appear in the scales form, which is commonly referred as ‘dandruff’.


The symptoms of dandruff are as follows: The white, grey, flaky substance formed due to excessive scaling of scalp’s skin is the common sign of dandruff. Redness or irritation, oily skin and itching of underlying skin often accompany dandruff. Dandruff is recurring, and usually long-lasting problem. Types of dandruff: Dandruffs can be classified into two types: Dry dandruff: white and silvery colored flakes are visible. Moist dandruff: unpleasant smelling pale yellowish colored flakes.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment offers great help for people suffering with the common, chronic and problematic dandruff condition. Dandruff occurs in people due to various causes. Homeopathic treatment first determines the cause of dandruff into particular patient and then graphs the further treatment. Homeopathy successfully eradicates and cures the problem of dandruff completely. It serves to be helpful in controlling the underlying symptoms and causes of dandruff and improves the condition. Homeopathy thus proves to be imperative for acquiring a complete responsible cure for your dandruff problem and prevents it from reoccurrence.