Anal Fistula


Anal fistula also known as fistula-in-ano is unusual link between perianal skin and the anal canal’s epithelialised surface. It originates from the anal glands. Anal glands are situated between the anal sphincter’s two layers. Anal fistulae drain into the anal canal. The blockages on outlet of these glands can results into formation of abscess and point the surface of the skin. this tract which is formed in this complete process is called as fistula. If the fistula seals over they may lead to reoccurrence of abscesses and result in pus accumulation. This will again point to the skin surface and again the process starts.


Anal fistula exists with following symptoms: Blood and pus discharge Pruritus ani – itching Bad pain And other systematic symptoms of infected abscesses

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy has some few best medicines to treat the condition of anal fistula. The berberis vulgaris is the ideal medicine to treat the condition of anal fistula effectively. Also there are other effective homeopathic medicines that reduce the severity of pain experienced by the patients suffering from anal fistula. The homeopathic treatment lessens the symptoms of the condition and effectively cures the whole disease.