Drug addiction


The frequent or regular usage of drugs causing unusual and pathological condition is referred as drug addiction. The behavior seeking drug develops with the acute drug progression that causes decreases responding abilities to naturally rewarding stimuli. The three stages of addiction of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) are: 1.Anticipation or preoccupation 2.Intoxication or binge 3.Negative effects or withdrawal A drug addict individual acquires the overpower desire to procure drugs by any possible means and consume it. Drug habituation is a desire for repetitive drug consumption with some kind of psychic dependence on the drug effects with absent physical dependence. Addiction is lack of control over usage of drugs with continuous craving instead of the fact that it affects the well-being state and compulsive use leading into critical neurological disease severely influencing the development of psychosocial, environment and genetic factors. Causes: One of the major causes of drug addiction is acquiring stimulants which creates a psychic addition and moderately to severely affects your psychosomatic and psychosocial conditions. Nicotine Cocaine Amphetamine and methamphetamine Psychic addiction is acquired through hypnotics and sedatives resulting into mild to severe physiological addiction whose negative effects may be fatal. Barbiturates Methaqualone and other related quinazolinone sedative-hypnotics. Alcohol Benzodiazepines specifically triazolam, nimetazepam, temazepam and flunitrazepam. Opioid analgesics and Opiate causes leading to not-fatal conditions: Opioid analgesics occurred naturally like codeine and morphine. Diacetylmorphine (heroin), buprenorphine, hydromorphone and oxycodone which are semi-synthetic opiates. Methadone, pethidine or meperidine and fentanyl kind of fully opioid causing drug addiction.


The symptoms of a drug addict person are as follows: Abandoning old life rules and creation of new social rules Alteration in life circumstances Missed social milestones

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is seen as the most effective way to transfer information in a way to produce positive alterations in the behavior patterns and feelings of the patients. Thus it has a great demand for curing the problem of drug addiction majorly related to behavior of individuals. Thus homeopathy plays a great role for overcoming from addiction and treating patients experiencing multifactorial problems as a result of substance abuse.