Dengue fever


The virus transferred by the mosquitoes which leads to sudden, acute illness is known as dengue fever. This condition is followed by symptoms of benign course like fever, headache, joints and several muscle pains, rash, lymphadenopathy i.e. swollen/inflamed gland and exhaustion. The dengue triad such as rash, headache and fever and various other pains particularly define the dengue characteristics. Severe pain behind ears, bleeding gums, red soles and palms and small purple or reddish eruption below the skin known as Petechiae are other symptoms of dengue fever. Another chronic form of viral illness is dengue hemorrhagic fever. About 40% of the population of the world lives in dengue prevalent area.


• The dengue is caused when the striped Aedes aegypti mosquito who had earlier bitten an infected person bites you, then it leads to dengue disease. • Mosquitoes breeding in water logged areas like at your flower pot, plastic bags, etc during rainy seasons. The disease is cause from single mosquito bite. • The virus transmits through the chain of infected person to mosquito to another person who is going to be affected. It is non-contagious and doesn’t spread from one person to another.

Homeopathic Treatment

Following are the symptoms seen in person suffering from dengue: • The symptoms of dengue start appearing in between 3-15 days which keeps varying. • Headache, painful eye movement, low backache and chills are the initial symptoms of dengue. • First hours of sickness is accompanied with painful joints and legs. • Hypotension (low blood pressure), less heart rate(bradycardia)and immediate increased body temperature around 104F. • Appearing and disappearing pale red rashes on face and reddened eyes. • Swollen lymph nodes and groin. • 2-4 days are accompanied with fever, later reducing the body temperature with excessive sweating. • A state of well being and normal temperature is preceded that lasts for a day which further leads to speedy temperature rise for the second time following the red rashes to appear on the face and later spreads on the entire from extremities leaving the face. • Red and swollen palms and soles can be noticed.