Bipolar Disorder


A brain disorder causing abnormal swings in energy, activity levels, mood and ability to perform daily activities is known as Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder also called as manic-depressive illness has severe symptoms. It is unlike normal fluctuations a person experiences in his life.


Bipolar disorder is caused due to various serious causes which are as follows: • Genetic causes: Many candidates’ chromosomal regions and genes are seen leading to development of bipolar disorder. Also parents with advanced age have been chances for people developing bipolar disorder. • Physiological reason: Bipolar disorder can also occur due to certain brain circuits being abnormal in structure or in functions. Also anatomically definite differences in regions of globus pallidus and prefrontal cortex and a general decline in the volume of brain most commonly exists. • Environmental factor: Also environmental factors have been the major reason for developing bipolar disorder leading individual psychosocial variables to have chances of interacting with genetic dispositions.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is the safe and effective way to treat the patients with bipolar disorder. With its serially diluted substances, it promotes the healing power of one’s own body and cures the ailment of the patient completely. The safe homeopathic medications along with counseling have the tendency to regulate the mood swings of the bipolar patients and procure the normal brain functioning. Thus homeopathy with its process of healing the combination of physical and mental abilities reduces the symptoms of the patients and improves their condition effectively and prevents it from reoccurring in the body.