Anemia in simple terms is referred to the lack of blood in the person’s body. It occurs due to reduced production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs). It happens when the less haemoglobin is produced in the body than the normal count. Haemoglobin is the substance present in the RBCs that carry oxygen from lungs and distributes to the every part of the body useful for energy production. It comprises of iron and protein. It also carries carbon dioxide back to the lungs from the parts of the body for process of exhalation. Anemia is leads to generation of less oxygen and thus reduces the energy level in patients suffering from it. Also anemia has its own types. It can be classified in following ways: • Iron deficiency anemia • Haemolytic anemia - destruction of RBCs • Blood loss anemia – reduced RBCs circulation • Aplastic anemia –inability to produce new RBCs • Pernicious / Megaloblastic anemia – caused due to vitamin B12 deficiency


The following are some of the symptoms of anaemia: • Fatigue and less energy • Pale appearance • Nervousness and depression • Giddiness / dizziness • Weight loss • Hair color lightening and excess drying of hair • Slow healing of wounds • Decreased sex-drive (libido) • Irritability and headache • Rigid, brittle or spoon-shaped nails • Rapid hair loss

Homeopathic Treatment

Anemia cannot be termed as a disease. It is the lack of necessary nutrients like iron and also have tendency to cause due to side-effects from other medications and various other factors. It is subjective condition and the cause varies from one person to another. People with appropriate nutrient intake also experience anemia due to lack of their body’s capacity to absorb nutrients. For this specialized treatment for individuals is extremely imperative for quick solution. Here homeopathic treatment serves to be the ideal opportunity for fostering the condition of anemia patient. It analyzes the root-cause of the problem and then carries further treatment. Considering homeopathic treatment for anemia is an intelligent decision as it fosters your body’s absorption power of nutrients and eradicates various other factors causing anemia. Homeopathy also provides natural medicines with no side-effects for the anemia conditions caused because of heavy bleeding during menstrual and post-effect of diseases like malaria. Homeopathy uproots the complete disease and improves overall health of the individuals.