A continuous vegetative state is also known as coma.


The symptoms of coma are as follows: A deep or profound state of unconsciousness can perfectly referred to the state of coma. It is not the condition of brain-death. A person remains alive undergoing the coma state but fails to move or react to the environment. Head trauma or other related conditions can constitute to be the underlying reason for the dangerous coma. Patients suffering from coma only posses their normal sleeping-patterns and non-cognitive functions, where his complete thinking ability is hampered. The vital functions of breathing and circulation remain completely unharmed with the condition of coma, even though loss of higher brain functions is witnessed. Sometimes, some immediate movements can be witnessed like opening eyes responding to external stimuli, or occasionally cry, laugh or even grimace.

Homeopathic Treatment

Careful medical supervision is the utmost requirement for the patients recovering from the condition of coma. 1. Immediate emergencies management. 2. Maintaining healthy physical condition and preventing infections. 3. Prevention of permanent muscular contractions (contractures) through physiotherapy. 4. Prevention of diseases like bedsores and pneumonia. 5. Provision of balanced nutrition. The sight of neurological damage, severity and the cause of coma determine the treatment of the condition. After recovering from coma, people may also experience some kind of intellectual, psychological and physical difficulties. A special care during this stage is required. Also the pace of recovery is subjective. Some people may hardly go beyond basic responses while others may gradually progress with their recovery from chain of responses. Coma in normal conditions rarely last for 2-4weeks but whereas in other patients it may even take years and decades to come out of the chronic condition. The patients suffering from coma can lead to death because of the most common cause of pneumonia which occurs due to development of infection. Homeopathic treatment can play a good role in treating the patients suffering from coma and improve their condition.