Atopic Dermatitis


The word ‘Atopic’ is derived from the word ‘Atopy’ which means group of diseases and ‘Dermatitis’ referred to the inflammation of the skin. Thus atopic dermatitis is a serious but non-contagious disease and cannot spread from one individual to another. Atopic dermatitis leads to various allergic conditions like excessive itching and wet and dry rashes along with thick skin. A flare up is the period when the atopic dermatitis takes the worse condition with the course of time. Also remission is a period wherein the symptoms of skin clears up or improve. In few cases of children undergoing atopic dermatitis there is a possibility of their skin disease to improve or completely disappear. But irrespective of this fact, their skin may continue to remain very dry and can be irritated easily. While atopic dermatitis in some adults can continue to be a major problem.


Here are the symptoms of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis: Dry skin Easily irritated skin Inflamed skin Itchy skin with rashes

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment proves to be the right option for curing the atopic dermatitis in gentlest way. The homeopathic medicines smoothly treat the flares up that appear during the atopic dermatitis ailment lessening these irritating symptoms and curing the problems completely.