Alzheimer is one of the serious disorders that lead to continuous loss of brain cells. According to a research, it is found that Alzheimer constitutes as the major cause of dementia and almost 70% of dementias are caused because of Alzheimer.


Following are the symptoms visible in person suffering from Alzheimer: Decline in the performance of the brain Hampered thinking skills Improper judgment and problems with reasoning Memory loss Declining language skills Difficulty in learning and disorientation Change in personality Behavioral problem People down with Alzheimer fail to take proper care of themselves and require a family member 24X7 to be with them as it affects the economic, social and geographical and ethnic boundaries. Hampers daily activities Around 17-25million people in the world are said to suffer from Alzheimer disease.

Homeopathic Treatment

It is very imperative to secure treatment for Alzheimer at an early stage to procure the necessary treatment and care. Homeopathic treatment is seen as one of the effective treatment for the patients suffering from Alzheimer disorder. As the homeopathy deals with healing the patients both physically and mentally, it serves to be the effective tool for improving the condition of an Alzheimer patient. Homeopathy evaluates the mental status of person accounting the differences in behavior and personality of an Alzheimer patient with his earlier normal condition. Further it helps in fostering the condition of patients relating to activities like understanding, communicating, thinking and improved memory and also improves math abilities. Homeopathic treatment also evaluates the physical factors like the patient’s blood pressure, nutritional intake, balance, sensations and other nervous system’s functions. Thus it proceeds with the necessary homeopathic treatment based on these factors and devise the customized strategy for treatment of patients.