Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD]


ADHD is attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a psychiatric disorder most commonly found among children. Almost 3-5% children today are affected from ADHD and have chances to carry this disorder upto adolescent and adulthood. It is a behavioral disorder where a child or even an adult continuously becomes impulsive, inattentive, lacks focus and are hyperactive. Often children used to behave dumb and mischievous was signs of children undergoing ADHD which people were unaware of. However this was the way the children demanded special attention from family, parents, and teachers and even from society. Also it is mo9re often seen in boys than girls with an approximately ratio of 3:1.


Children with lack of focus, not attentive, hyperactive behavior or even short term memory loss can sum up to the symptoms of ADHD.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is known for its best way for treating the patients with ADHD. While on being treated by other medications and their long-term consumption can lead to side-effects in the patient’s body which may add up to the existing symptoms of ADHD disorder, homeopathic medicines with its natural ingredients have the tendency to cure the ADHD disorder in patients safely and naturally. It does not leave any negative traces in the patient’s body unlike other medication which may affect the patient more. Homeopathy here proves to be the ideal option for treating the ADHD disorder. It alleviates the impulsiveness and hyperactiveness existing in ADHD children and improves their ability to concentrate.