Bell's palsy


Bell’s palsy is an independent and peripheral facial paralysis or paresis with no visible causes. It is the commonest neurological disorder which serves as the common cause leads to the condition of facial paralysis throughout the world. Cranial nerves are mainly affected by Bell’s palsy disorder. The initial phase of this disorder is often dangerous for patients as they perceive the fear of getting brain tumor or stroke or permanent face appearance distortion. Important features to remember: • Early appropriate treatment • Protect the eye • Arranging proper medical follow-up care Bell’s palsy also has the tendency to cause functional, physiological and aesthetic interruption in patients with residual nerve dysfunction. Clinical History: One of the commonest problem experienced by patients are one side of face getting weak. Today almost 50% people witness pain behind their ear which is often accompanied by paresis. Complain of tear flow from about two thirds of patients. One thirds of patients witnessing taste disorders. Declined tolerance to normal level of noise. Physical findings of facial paralysis: Affected side of face becoming paralyzed or weakens. Partially or completely impaired eye closure on the affected face side. Opposite side of affected face be visualized with nasolabial fold. Causes: Cold climate (exposure to cold air) Mycoplasma infection Genetics Viral infections


The symptoms of Bell’s palsy are as follows: • Weakness and giddiness • Headache and twitching • Facial muscles getting paralyzed • Drooling of saliva and mouth or eye dryness • Pain behind ear of affected side or in jaw • Chewing, eating, blowing and drinking difficulty • Weakening facial muscles • Excess formation of tear in one eye and other symptoms of paralysis

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is known for effectively treating the condition of Bell’s palsy. It significantly treats and heals the nerve disorder in this condition. Homeopathy medications thus are strongly recommended for treatment of Bell’s palsy and for speedy recovery from this condition.