Behavioural Problem


Behavioral problem is a condition wherein young children and toddlers appear to be very disobedient and doesn’t respond according to their elders instead of being asked number of times. Prominent in children of all age groups it starts since initial life of children leading to their rude behavior and throwing tantrums. Children also perform undesirable activities like hitting or kicking someone and spoiling or breaking things which are important to others.


The symptoms of children suffering from behavioral problem are as follows: Disobedient, aggressive and cheeky child. Child breaking serious rules and being extremely mischievous or extremely rebellious. Stealing and lying habits without feeling guilty. Getting involved in more violent fights. Cruel and revengeful. Break serious rules and stay out all night. Teenagers indulging in wrong activities like drugs consumption or early sexual activity giving toss to their health. Getting into bad company and being at the bottom in the class in studies. Often blaming other s for their fault if they couldn’t succeed in improving them.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment has a significant role to play in the lives of children undergoing behavioral problem. A proper homeopathic treatment along with the desired counseling will help to shape the personality of students. It results in desired behavior in them and serves to be the best option for completely taking them out of the problem.