The critical and repetitive inflammation of bronchi (air ways) restricting the normal air flow is known as Asthma. It is found in all the age groups and is curable.


Following are the symptoms seen in people suffering from asthma: Production of mucous Problem in normal breathing Exhaustion Cough Breathlessness and suffocating feeling is the gravest symptom majority of patients suffer from. However in some cases, the common symptom of mucous production and coughing may not be present.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is known for effectively treating the asthmatic condition of the patients successfully. Homeopathy tries to reduce the symptoms of asthma with the natural homeopathic medicines excellently. It proves to be the ideal way in reducing the severity, duration and frequency of asthma attacks and reduces the need of cortisone, antibiotic and bronchodilators in case of infections improving the condition of patients and helps them to lead a normal life.