Deviated Nasal Septum


An abnormal condition where the cartilaginous ridge’s top leans to the right or left restricting the affected nasal passage is known as deviated nasal septum. Poor sinuses’ drainage can occur due to this ailment.


The causes resulting into deviation of nasal spectrum are as follows. • Nose compression at the time of birth causing congenital disorder. • Impact trauma (like blow to the face) • Also marfan syndrome and ehlers danlos syndrome are kind of the genetic connective tissue disease linked with deviated septum.

Homeopathic Treatment

The symptoms of deviated nasal septum seen in person undergoing the ailment are as follows: • Chronic restriction of air passage through nostrils caused due to septal deviation. • This can lead to problems like nose bleeding (epistaxis), infection and sinuses in the patients. • Breathing difficulty, sleep apnea or snoring and other sleep disorders, headaches are also some of the symptoms seen in patients diagnosed with deviated nasal septum.