The involuntary muscle contraction leading to repetitive and twisting movements which maybe or may not be painful is termed as dystonia. It’s a movement disorder troubling single, group or all the muscles of the body.


Symptoms: The symptoms of dystonia are as follows: • Dragging foot • voice problems • Tremors The dystonia symptoms take the worse phase in some cases with the course of time while in others continue to remain mild. Usually during childhood the symptoms starts developing but in some cases, later teenage and early adulthood may also witness the starting symptom of dystonia. Also dystonia maybe the result of presence of another disease in the patient’s body whereas some dystonia may be inherited. Also dystonia is caused by the brain’s part handling muscle contraction messages.

Homeopathic Treatment

The ailment of dystonia has not identified with any exact cure. Physical therapy, medicines, surgery and other treatments are undertaken to eradicate the pain and muscle spasms by many doctors. Still homeopathy is seen to be the effective alternative for treating patients with dystonia. It reduces the causes and symptoms raising the severity of problem and is seen improving the patients’ well-being. Thus with proper homeopathic treatment results into complete elimination of dystonia problem and offers you with a substitute to other painful treatments.